– TANNER, SPIELMANN & LUCAS (2013) – The Triassic System: New Developments in Stratigraphy and Paleontology

Bulletin 61 New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

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Dedication to Heinz W. Kozur
Spencer G. Lucas and Gerhard H. Bachmann
Pages 1–22

Norman J. Silberling (1928-2011) In memoriam
Kathy Nichols and Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 23–30

Permian and Triassic strata of Jordan
Klaus Bandel and Abdalla M.B. Abu Hamad
Pages 31–41

Paraconularia bachmanni n. sp. from the Germanic Upper Triassic, the first fresh-water occurrence of aconulariid
Gregor Barth, Heinz W. Kozur, Matthias Franz and Robert E. Weems
Pages 42–53 

Large tridactyl footprints associated with a diverse ichnofauna from the Carnian of the southern Alps
Massimo Bernardi, Fabio Massimo Petti, Simone d’Orazi Porchetti and Marco Avanzini
Pages 48–54 PDF (2.1 MB)

Late Smithian (Early Triassic) conodonts from Artyom, south Primorye, Russian Far East
Liana G. Bondarenko, Galina I. Buryi, Yuri D. Zakharov, Xenia Y. Bushkareva and Alexander M. Popov
Pages 55–66 

Intercalibration of conodont and radiolarian faunas from the Carnian-Norian boundary interval in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada
Elizabeth S. Carter and Michael J. Orchard
Pages 67–92 

A comprehensive survey of Triassic stereospondyls from southern Brazil with comments on their overall significance
Sérgio Dias-da-Silva and Eliseu Vieira Dias
Pages 93–102

Review of the Middle Triassic “sea cow” Placodus gigas (Reptilia) in Pangea’s shallow marine macroalgae meadows of Europe
Cajus G. Diedrich
Pages 104–131 

Shallow marine sauropterygian reptile biodiversity and change in the Bad Sulza Formation (Illyrian, Middle Triassic) of central Germany, and a contribution to the evolution of Nothosaurus in the Germanic Basin
Cajus G. Diedrich
Pages 132–158 PDF (14.1 MB)

The marine pachypleurosaur Serpianosaurus germanicus nov. spec. – skeleton and isolated bone remains from the Pelsonian (Middle Triassic) of the European Germanic basin carbonate intertidals and its paleobiology and taphonomy
Cajus G. Diedrich
Pages 159–168

The oldest “subaquatic flying” repitle in the world – Pistosaurus longaevus Meyer, 1839 (Sauropterygia) from the Middle Triassic of Europe
Cajus G. Diedrich
Pages 169–215 PDF (22.8 MB)

Distribution of basal Middle Triassic fossil reptile placodonts in the Germanic basin and northern Tethys
Cajus G. Diedrich and Eugen Gradinaru
Pages 216–227 

Mandibles of juvenile phytosaurs (Archosauria: Crurotarsi) from the Upper Triassic Chinle Group of Texas and New Mexico, USA
Andrew B. Heckert, Hillary S. Jenkins, Spencer G. Lucas and Adrian P. Hunt
Pages 228–236 

Triassic vertebrate coprolite ichnofaunas
Adrian P. Hunt, Spencer G. Lucas and Justin A. Spielmann
Pages 237–258

Cyclostratigraphy of the Triassic to Jurassic deep-sea sequences in Japan: Frequency modulation for stratigraphic correlation
Masayuki Ikeda
Pages 259–267

Ammonoid biostratigraphy of the early Spathian Columbites parisianus zone (Early Triassic) at Bear Lake Hot Springs, Idaho
James Jenks, Jean Guex, Alex Hungerbühler, David G. Tayler and Hugo Bucher
Pages 268–283

Stratigraphically important lower Norian conodonts from the Csovár borehole (CSV-1), Hungary – Comparison with the conodont succession of the Norian GSSP candidate Pizzo Mondello
Viktor Karádi, Heinz W. Kozur and Ágnes Görögt
Pages 284–295

A synthesis of the rich Gondwana Triassic megafossil flora from Nymboida, Australia
W.B. Keith Holmes and H.M. Anderson
Pages 296–305

Possible secondarily terrestrial lifestyle in the European phytosaur Nicrosaurus kapffi (Late Triassic, Norian): A preliminary study
Julien Kimmig
Pages 306–312 

The Late Triassic tetrapod ichnotaxon Apatopus lineatus (Bock 1952) and its distribution
Hendrik Klein and Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 313–324 

Shipingia weemsi n. sp., a biostratigraphically important conchostracan species from the uppermost Carnian and lowermost Norian of central Europe
Heinz W. Kozur, Matthias Franz and Gerhard H. Bachmann
Pages 325–330

Seed ferns from the European Triassic – An overview
Evelyn Kustatscher and Johanna H.A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert
Pages 331–343 

Evazoum gatewayensis, a new Late Triassic archosaurian ichnospecies from Colorado: Implications for footprints in the ichnofamily Otozoidae
Martin G. Lockley and Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 345–352

Plant megafossil biostratigraphy and biochronology, Upper Triassic Chinle Group, western USA
Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 354–365

A new Triassic timescale
Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 366–374 

Magnetostratigraphy of the Upper Triassic Chinle Group in New Mexico: An appraisal of 40 years of analysis
Spencer G. Lucas and Justin A. Spielmann
Pages 375–381

A new doswelliid archosauromorph from the Upper Triassic of West Texas
Spencer G. Lucas, Justin A. Spielmann and Adrian P. Hunt
Pages 382–388 

Juvenile skull of the phytosaur Redondasaurus from the Upper Triassic of New Mexico, and phytosaur ontogeny
Spencer G. Lucas, Justin A. Spielmann and Larry F. Rinehart
Pages 389–400

Palaeotethyan, Neotethyan and Huglu-Pindos Series in the Lycian Nappes (SW Turkey): Geodynamical implications
Patrice Moix, Daniel Vachard, James Allibon, Rossana Martini, Roland Wernli, Heinz W. Kozur and Gérard M. Stampfli
Pages 401–444

Five new genera of conodonts from the Carnian-Norian boundary beds of Black Bear Ridge, northeast British Columbia, Canada
Michael J. Orchard
Pages 445–457

Diversity of continental tetrapods and plants in the Triassic of the Southern Alps: Ichnological, paleozoological and paleobotanical evidence
Fabio M. Petti, Massimo Bernardi, Evelyn Kustatscher, Silvio Renesto and Marco Avanzinin
Pages 458–484

Middle Triassic vertebrate remains from Rasa Village (Varese, northern Italy)
Silvio Renestoand Vittorio Pieroni
Pages 485–488 

New stratigraphic, paleontologic and geochemical data around the Triassic-Jurassic boundary at Portovenere (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Manuel Rigo, Christopher McRoberts, Gloria Ciarapica, Nicola Giordano and Aviv Bachan
Pages 489–499 

A population of Antediplodon dockumensis (Bivalvia: Unionida: Hyriidae) from the Revueltian (Upper Triassic: early-mid Norian) Bull Canyon Formation of West Texas: Growth, allometry, productivity, and ecology
Larry F. Rinehart and Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 500–523 PDF (17.7 MB)

The functional morphology of dermal bone ornamentation in temnospondyl amphibians
Larry F. Rinehart and Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 524–532 

Tooth form and function in temnospondyl amphibians: Relationship of shape to applied stress
Larry F. Rinehart and Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 533–542

Conodont biostratigraphy of Permian-Triassic boundary deposits in Koh-e-chan Kaland, north of Abadeh, Iran
Peyman Shooshtarizadeh and Mehdi Yazdi
Pages 543–555 

An ensiferan (cricket) fossil from the Late Triassic Lockatong Formation, Newark Basin, Pennsylvania
Edward L. Simpson, Brian W. Hartline, Michael J. Szajna, David L. Fillmore and Elizabeth A. Heness
Pages 556–561

The first Norian (Revueltian) rhynchosaur: Bull Canyon Formation, New Mexico, U.S.A
A. Spielmann, Spencer G. Lucas and Adrian P. Hunt
Pages 562–566

Trilophosaurus (Archosauromorpha: Trilophosauridae) postcrania from the Upper Triassic Blue Mesa Member of the Petrified Forest Formation (Carnian: Adamanian), Arizona, USA
Justin A. Spielmann, Spencer G. Lucas, Andrew B. Heckert and Stan E. Krzyzanowski
Pages 567–572 

New record of Spinosuchus caseanus (Archosauromorpha: Trilophosauridae) from the Late Triassic (Adamanian) of West Texas
Justin A. Spielmann, Spencer G. Lucas and Phillip Huber
Pages 573–576

The enigmatic Quaco cobbles, Upper Triassic, Canadian Maritimes: Deformation by tectonics or seismic shock?
Lawrence H. Tanner
Pages 577–581

Degraded wood in the Upper Triassic Petrified Forest Formation (Chinle Group), northern Arizona: Differentiating fungal rot from arthropod boring
Lawrence H. Tanner and Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 582–588 

Isotopic composition of carbonate facies in formations of the Upper Triassic Chinle Group, Four Corners Area, southwestern United States
Lawrence H. Tanner and Spencer G. Lucas
Pages 589–596

Late Smithian (Early Triassic) ammonoids from the Anasibirites nevolini Zone of South Primorye, Russian Far East
Yuri D. Zakharov, Liana G. Bondarenko, Olga P. Smyshylyaeva and Alexander M. Popov
Pages 597–612